JKMM’s U-1224 jacket and wig. 

Pricing individually:
Jacket [WW2 German style jacket, no buttons]: $30 + shipping
Short sliver “U-1224” wig: $25 + shipping

If you want to buy them both, I’ll sell them for a combined price of $50 + shipping.

If you’re also interested in the handmade iron cross medal and ribbon, let me know.

Since I’m unsure what my cosplay/convention life will be like post graduation, I’m looking for fund more immediate costumes and my Anime Boston AA table. Unfortunately, that means I need to sell costumes that are either unfinished and don’t have a set date in upcoming plans. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this costume!

The silver wig is soft and fluffy, the jacket is from a military outlet store in Boston. It’s quite cool and I’d keep it for myself in general if I hadn’t recently purchased a nice coat. 

Let me know via reblog or ask if you’re interested. 

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