This is my favorite issue of “The Legion,” which is surprising because “The Legion: Foundations” is a part of this title.

The story is a common one. Classical, even. With elusions to Frankenstein, a creation fights against their creator to be superior. In this case, Computo has unleashed a war of machine kind on the world unless Brainiac 5 helps him to evolve to a higher life form. While Brainy at first refuses to acknowledge the robot he made, even under threat, he eventually gives in and starts assisting his creation to achieve it’s goal… But to an unexpected end.

This is how I wish The Legion had looked all the time. Olivier Coipel’s pencils, Andy Lanning’s inks and Jason Wright’s colors were so beautifully blended and are different but complimentary to the gritty and raw look of “Legion Lost.” I love the fourth panel on the first page, you can literally feel the weight of the wall Cosmic Boy is throwing. And the use of light in those last three panels on page four alone is breathtaking.

Also fuck yeah Kid Quantum, best leader ever.  

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